"Every serious runner’s dream is to qualify for, and to run the Boston Marathon.  At 58 years old, I’d come close to a qualifying time, but the training was really hard on my body.  Thanks to regular massage sessions with Julie, I was able to stay healthy enough to qualify, and in April 2009, to run Boston. I know I could not have continued to train without her massages.  I recommend Julie to any serious runner or athlete." - Carol Chapin


"I have been to many massage therapists, from Las Vegas to Hawaii and points in between, and the best therapist I've ever experienced was Julie.  She knows how to work through my tension and relieve my headaches."- Joy Baunsgard


"I just wanted to tell you that after the massage yesterday I felt great, and am feeling very well again today.  Something in your massage technique is a healing process for me.   My pain is minimal and I feel more flexibility which allows me to function at a higher level.  Thanks for all your help - I thought you might like to know how much your therapy enhances people's lives." - Carol Jaras


"I spent a couple years of trying to maintain higher volume running, but my body simply didn't let me until I started having regular massages with you.  Since I started coming to you almost two years ago now, I've been able to maintain my running without the breaks I used to have to take due to various aches and pains.  I can feel such a difference in my calves and feet after your massage, no other therapist has been able to loosen up my tight calves!"- Teresa Crane


"As a multi-decade endurance athlete, I've worked with several massage therapists.  I can tell you they are NOT all the same.  I first found Julie while recovering from a severe knee injury.  Julie took the time to properly evaluate my physical condition, understand my goals, and help find the therapies that I would benefit from the most.  By combining therapies like Deep Tissue Massage with other tools like Kinesio Taping when required, Julie was a critical part of my full recovery.  I still see Julie on a regular basis and consider her sessions an important training tool that keeps my body in balance and reduces my chance of injury." - Pete Heizer

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